Seventh Annual Fall Gathering on September 4/5 2021

After the COVID-related cancellation of our 2020 event, this year we are looking forward to continuing our tradition and host the 7th Annual Fall Gathering at our facilities in Prottes, northeast of Vienna. As for several years now, we will open all of our depots and our field kitchen will again supply all of our visitors with goodies. Like last year, the 3rd Reconnaissance & Artillery Batallion from Mistelbach will be present with currently active vehicles. For the first time we are planning to have presentations on specific topics of Austrian Army Motorization - based on actual vehicles in the exhibition.

Based on the current COVID situation in Austria, we are confident that we will be able to host the meeting - however please keep visiting our Web Page and our Facebook presence for any updates between now and September. Probaby the 3-G rule (Tested, Recovered or Immunized) will still be in effect by September.