Huge Success of the First Joint Event by AAB3 and HKFW

Together with the 3rd Reconnaissance and Artillery Battalion (AAB3), the Traditionsverband on July 9&10 presented "Historic Military Vehicles Offroad". Ten historic vehicles - covering the full range from Jeep and Haflinger all the way to the Kürassier light tank - were driven all over the "Totenhauer" proving grounds of the Battalion and provided our invited guests with an insight into the performance of Austrian military vehicle development over the last seven decades.

"Roll Call" on Saturday Morning

A big "Thank You" goes to to Battalion's PR team under StWm C. Luckner for the excellent preparation and cooperation throughout the event as well as to all members of the Traditionsverband, who "made it happen".

As usual, "After the Event is Before the Event" - we have already started our preparations for attending this year's AirPower in Zeltweg on September 2/3!