We are starting into a hot Fall Season!

Already on August 31 we start our transport convoys to Zeltweg, where we will be representing the history of Austria's ground forces during the big AirPower air show. As in previous years, on September 2/3 we will again have our exhibits right in front of the entrance to the Military Aviation Museum. With wheeled and tracked vehicles from the last 70 years, we will "revive" Austrian military ground motorization, and our two smallest vehicles (Haflinger and Jeep) will again be in service as VIP shuttles across the whole airfield.

Immediately after the return from Zeltweg we will start preparations for our eighth Annual Fall Gathering. On September 10/11 we will again open our workshops and together with the 3rd Reconnaissance and Artillery Batallion present a couple of new vehicles. As usual, our field kitchen is already being prepared for this highlight!

We will again prepare two presentations:

Saturday September 10 @ 2 pm:
Franz Brödl: "Recovery Tanks in Austrian Military Service"
Using a "Greif" recovery tank, the special design requirements for a recovery vehicle will be explained, and the history of recovery tanks in Austrian military service since 1955 will be presented.

Sunday September 11 @ 2 pm:
Hermann Spörker: "The ÖAF sLKW and the MAN KAT - Two Brothers from Two Mothers"
Even if they look very much alike, at the time of their development in the early 1970s the ÖAF and the MAN were quite different vehicles. We present the development history of the ÖAF sLKW and how it fits into the MAN heavy offroad military truck line.

We are looking forward to seeing you again - either in Zeltweg or a week later in Prottes!