New Addition to our Collection - Berliet GBC 8MT of the 11th Air Defense Batallion

On June 19 our heavy transport section was on the road again to collect new additions to our collection. In typical "exercise" weather, Peter Klausner transported two Berliet GBC 8MT trucks from their previous owner in St.Andrä-Wördern to our workshop in Prottes. Both vehicles saw their "active" service with the 11th Air Defense Batallion  ("FlaB 11") in Langenlebarn and were retired at the end of 1990. In 1992 they were sold off to a private owner and parked for the next 22 years, when in 2014 they were bought by their latest owner who restored one of the into pristine condition (the second vehicle survived in a slightly cannibalized condition). Together with the one other GBC 8MT already in our collection and an 8MT KT tractor unit, these four trucks now provide suffient "spare parts" to ensure the survival of fully operational examples of this exotic French part of Austrian Military Motorization history.